Stockholm Central Station

The Central Station of Stockholm was designed by the Swedish architect Adolf W. Edelsvärd and the first train left the platform in 1871. This is the perfect spot on your Stockholm visit since train departs regularly from the city. The small city of Gnesta is only 36 minutes away. Hop on!

Stockholm Ferry

Next to the Stockholm City Hall you’ll find the Stockholm Ferry Terminal. A must go if you some how ended up in Stockholm! Why not exit the city by steamboat and take a few days to explore the small charming city of Mariefred?

The Royal Stable

For over a century, the Royal Stables at Väpnargatan 1, in the center of Stockholm has served the Swedish royalties with transportation. Here you’ll find premium horses and with a bit of luck you can talk your way to exit the city old-school-style. Clippity-clop!


Start your Stockholm trip by renting a limo at MD Limousine Service! A snazzy way to ride away from it all. Why not snuggle up at a spa in a small town like Trosa (a name that actually translates to Panties!).

Bike stop

Next to Mariatorget you’ll find this perfect spot to hire a bike. Then just set of as fast as you can and leave the city behind. On a country cycling route you’ll find peace and energy! Safe cycling!

Stockholm Taxi Spot

Around Stockholm you’ll find several taxi spots. Well you used one before – haven’t you? A convenient transportation where someone else conducts the steering. For a mere ”salmon” (the name for a 1000 Sek) they’ll take you to a neat waffle place in the archipelago. Sweet as sugar!

Stockholm City Bus Terminal

The City Terminal is a hub in Swedish bus traffic. One way tickets are sold at the entrance of the terminal and takes you quick (depending on the Stockholm traffic jams) to places that’s all about no traffic jams.

Hitch hike spot Botkyrka

At this gas station in Botkyrka you’ll find a friendly truck driver that will pick you up. They too are leaving the city for a reason, right? This cheap way of leaving Stockholm also sets you up with plenty of kroners left to spend at your vacation!

Parking lot in Bromma

At this parking lot you’ll meet up with the folks at Baloonflight Stockholm. With their 30 + years of hot air balloon flying they’ll take you straight out of the city. You’ll easily find open fields to drop down south of the Stockholm city borders.


None of the above spots got you out of Stockholm? Hell, strap on some good shoes and just go for a walk then. A Stockholm country break ain’t that far. Good luck!

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